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Gardening Supply For The Clayton NJ Area

Peach Country is New Jersey’s primary seller of landscape accessories. It’s a one-stop store of top-caliber merchandise and highly recommended names in the stone, mulch, organic compost, and pavers business. As a result wherever you are in the South Jersey region, Peach Country could help you change your residence into an incredible and greatly valuable property.

As New Jersey’s top rated landscape supply company, Peach Country provides a range of bagged mulch products. Mulch keeps the soil damp, helps prevent weed growth, which helps keep the soil fertile. Simultaneously, it gives your yard an incredible look. Select from Peach Country’s rubber mulch, licorice root mulch, cedar mulch, and wood chips. Call an agent in the Clayton NJ area and be reassured of timely shipping service.

To help make your plant life looking strong and luxurious, use certified, consistent superior quality topsoil. Superior top soil is the first step toward every healthy garden, so purchase your bagged top soil only from trustworthy companies such as Peach Country. Make contact with an amicable staff in the Clayton NJ area to see samples. Count on seeing environmentally friendly, natural, and kid-safe assortment.

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Gravel accentuates your property, creating a distinct and well-designed attractiveness. If you want texture, slopes, depth, or color, decorative landscaping stones will do the task for you. Select from Peach Country’s wide range of gravel, pebbles, river rocks, boulders, and white marble chips. These stones may be found in different sizes, sources, and shades.

Complete the attractive impact of stones by providing your yard a pavestone path. Peach Country offers high-performance brands such as Ep Henery Pavers, Cambridge Pavers, and Unilock Pavers. These pavers are offered in gorgeous mixes of colours and textures. Contact Peach Country for a delivery service in the Clayton NJ area today.

Use sand to fill the spaces of pavers and walking stones, to act like a cushion below pebbles and rocks, to fill your kids’ sand pit, or to serve as a dressing for mowed grass. There’s a specific type of sand which fits each one of these applications. To know which one is the best for your Clayton NJ property, get in touch with Peach Country today. From septic sand to white beach sand, sand is abundant at Peach Country.

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Peach Country is the perfect location in Nj to buy all your landscaping materials. It provides a wide product catalog, great offers and prices, and best of all, has excellent delivery services.